Training Delivery


  • Delivering EKL Training for building CATIA smart models
  • Delivering SOA services in the Teamcenter morning batch
  • Completed DELMIA Apriso Training for the evening batch
  • Making progress on the 3DEXPERIENCE Customization Training in couple of batches, one is in the functional module and other is in the customization module
  • Completed database queries in Windchill customization training and moving on to server customization

🧠 Knowledge Snippet

Why do Companies need a Change Management solution?

  • Dealing with change is fundamental during in-process product development.
  • Whether driven by shifting customer requirements, or dictated by issues uncovered during product analysis and simulation, changes will occur and need to be managed
  • A slow or inefficient process with poor visibility into change status will delay scheduled development and will often result in quality issues.
  • Frequently product developers will be unable to determine the impact of a change and the resulting confusion requires multiple additional changes to fix an issue.
  • Companies need change management tools to establish standardized, automated change processes, which will help their product developers make improved decisions and have better reporting and visibility into product development status.

The Augmented Operator: Supporting Shop Floor Challenges

Immersive technology such as augmented reality is improving the efficiency and performance of manufacturing shop floors, employee skills ramp-up, and worker satisfaction. For example, these solutions facilitate complex tasks that traditionally require an effort to interpret related documentation and reduce the risks of errors. In addition, it helps retain a company’s “tribal knowledge” when employees retire and increase the skills ramp-up of new operators.

Grouped under the “Augmented Operator” concept, these technologies bring real value to the digitalization of operator workspaces.

General Motors names Siemens a 2022 Supplier of the Year

Siemens receives 6th Supplier of the Year award for exceeding GM’s requirements, providing innovative technologies and delivering among the highest quality in the automotive industry

Siemens and Microsoft drive industrial productivity with generative artificial intelligence
  • Siemens’ new Teamcenter app for Microsoft Teams to use AI, boosting productivity and innovation throughout a product lifecycle
  • Azure OpenAI Service powered assistant can augment the creation, optimization and debugging of code in software for factory automation
  • Industrial AI to enable visual quality inspection on the shop floor
How Digital Technology Transforms the Physical World: The PTC Story

In the business world, disruption can take many forms, from economic instability to changing workforce demographics, and from competition to shifting customer expectations. While disruptive forces must be accepted as a constant – challenging well-established (and even proven successful) business models and strategies – they need not be accepted as a constant threat.

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