Windchill PLM Customization Training Overview

In the Windchill PLM Training course, you will gain understanding on how to complete basic Windchill PDMLink functions. You will gain an understanding of WIndchill PLM on how to access and navigate the Windchill PDMLink environment, use Windchill PDMLink’s visualization tools, manage CAD and product information, and manage product information changes. Other topics include how to use Windchill PDMLink’s communication and collaboration tools, and access user support functions and information. Windchill PLM Training course is designed to provide broad and basic coverage of Windchill PDMLink functionality to members of the Implementation Team. After completing Windchill Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Training course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Windchill PDMLink capabilities, which will enable you to contribute to the successful implementation of Windchill PDMLink to meet your company’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) goals.

The Windchill solutions are designed to fit the needs of customers in different industries and of different sizes. The Windchill solutions are built to enable product development business processes. Input for these solutions comes from the many PTC customers who are leaders in their domains and from PTC industry experts.

In order to reduce the cost of ownership, the Windchill solutions provide extensive out-of-the-box capabilities and configuration options to make them easily adaptable to these disparate customers and their different product development processes and needs.

Where the configuration options do not provide sufficient flexibility and no appropriate out-of-the-box capabilities are available to satisfy a particular business need, Windchill provides an extensive set of customization features that customers can leverage to satisfy such business needs.

Course Includes

50% Theory
50% Practice
Flexible Schedules
Flexible Schedules
Demo on Request
lifetime support
Post-training Support
One-on-One Doubt Clearing
One-on-One Doubt Clearing
Certification Oriented Curriculum
Certification Oriented Curriculum
Real-time Project Use cases
Real-time Project Use cases

Windchill PLM Customization Training Curriculum

You will be learning below modules in Windchill PLM Customization Training

Windchill PLM Development Processes
  • Windchill PLM Development Processes
Windchill PLM UI Overview
  • Windchill PLM UI Overview
Creating and Customizing Windchill PLM User Interface
  • Creating and Customizing Windchill PLM User Interface
  • Add custom actions to the Windchill PLM User interface
  • Attribute Customization in Windchill PLM
  • Configuring Windchill PLM Display Text
  • Info Engine architecture overview in Windchill PLM
  • Authoring Info Engine tasks in Windchill PLM
  • Use Info Engine and Windchill PLM API for custom actions and UI customization
  • Overview of Server Customization in Windchill PLM
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Hands-on Windchill PLM Customization Projects Covered

To put your knowledge on Windchill PLM Training into action, you will be required to work on industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases on Windchill PLM. You will gain hands-on expertise in Windchill PLM concepts with this invaluable practical experience.

These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum and help you to gain a clear understanding of Windchill PLM application in the industry.

Modeled Objects
  • Review the types information available via the Modeled Objects page
Service Implementation
  • A new Windchill service is required to support a custom Windchill implementation. Initially, the service should contain a single method that can be used to create a new WTPart when given a part name.
Service Event Management
  • A customer has a requirement to veto the release of a part unless the associated child parts have also been released.
  • Implement an event listener that will capture the Set State event and for a part and veto the state change if the children of that part are not yet released.
  • There is currently a listener implemented in StandardPartService that will veto the release of a part if there are any child parts, (via Usage Link), that are not released. This requirement has now changed, and the validation of child state should only be carried out in specific containers. Update the existing code to use a container based preference to check if this veto should apply for the parent part container.
  • Preference should be created in a new custom preference node in the existing Part Management preference node
  • A custom numbering algorithm is required for documents that will format an auto generated number using the format
  • Where DOC is a String constant, and the numeric value is generated from the WTDOCUMENTID_seq oracle sequence, and then split as shown using the ‘.’ character
  • An additional navigation tab is required that will be used to expose custom jsp pages. The first step in this process is to add the navigation tab and associated second level tabs to launch custom jsp pages
  • Customer requires an additional action to be added to the drop down context menu for Part objects to display additional part information from an external system. The action should be available in a sub-menu that will contain future custom actions for part as shown below
  • A custom builder is required to show a panel in the UI
  • Create a simple part details table, to be accessed via the Training tab
  • A form validator is required to check the value of the name attribute when creating a new part. The value entered should be checked to ensure that the name does not contain the “!” character
  • In this task, we review and modify existing layouts.
  • We are going to show you how to create a new attribute layout
  • In this exercise, you will determine how components of the Windchill UI are drawn. We will modify the header logo elegantly and identify skills required to make this change.

Windchill PLM Customization Training Options

Craft your own comfortable learning experience on Windchill PLM Customization

Live Online

20 hours of Remote Classes in Zoom/Google meet

  • Live demonstration of the industry-ready skills.
  • Schedule your sessions at your comfortable timings.
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes.
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance.

PLM Coach’s Unique Value Commitment

  • Our Expert Coach had walked the same footsteps as our customers, and successfully built a PLM career as a non-programmer
  • Our content is the perfect blend of Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners + PLM Technology + Industry Application
  • Our Expert Coach has diverse knowledge in renowned PLM technologies in the market
  • Unlike other platforms there are no middle men, we deal with our customers directly

Benefits of taking course from PLM Coach instead of others

  • Carefully crafted absolute beginner friendly content
  • Expert-led Coaching Sessions at your Convenience
  • Guided practical sessions by hand holding during execution
  • Visual Learning Experience using Design Thinking approach
  • PLM Career Guidance from an Expert

Improve your workforce to enhance productivity exceptionally.

Corporate Training

  • Customized course curriculum as per your team’s specific needs
  • Training delivery through self-Paced videos, live Instructor-led training through online, on-premise at PLMCoach or your office facility
  • Resources such as slides, demos, exercises, and answer keys included
  • Complete guidance on obtaining certification
  • Complete practical demonstration and discussions on industry use cases

Served Notable Corporate Companies


Show the world that you have pursued one of the best in the industry.

Do I get course completion certificate?

Yes, we provide course completion certificate

What is the validity of the certificate?

The certificate is valid for life-time


Windchill PLM Customization Training Reviews

Parth Rajendra



Tarrun Kant


It was good training Experience

Adesh Pawar



Akshat Shukla


The training Provided by PLM Coach on 3DExperience CAA training was in-depth, very well structured and the practical sessions provided better understanding of the theoretical topics. Our trainer conducted the training program very well, his expertise in the subject matter insured a great learning experience.

P. Deepak


Learnt some interesting background developing details of CAD Framework.

Hua Shi


I received online coach from PLMCoach on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform ENOVIA Essentials & EBOM. My coach was very patient and experienced. Because I’m based in the UK, due to the time difference, the coach made our sessions very flexible to fit my time schedule. I received very useful and fundamental training and knowledge about 3D Experience and Enovia. In every session, I got chance to have a hands on time to practice what had been told this session. And the coach found me some small tasks to practice at the end of training to help me understand and remember all the functions I learnt. Hope to do the training with PLM again

Mukesh Kumar


Best place for 3DEXPERIENCE training. Real life example during training session is amazing.

Avez Shaikh



"It was a great experience learning. All the sessions were productive and the trainer was very helpful to solve each and everyone's doubts and queries."

Nihar Mehta


Great training experience. Trainer had good expertise on the topics and was able to convey it better with practical sessions.

Prateek Choursiya


This was my first online course and it happened to be the best thing. I went for PLM Teamcenter Fundamentals and Administration. We had sufficient practice time after or in between the sessions.

Vinodha Nagaraju



Good place to learn automation.

Saikiran Muthyamgari


I believe the knowledge and skills obtained from mentor in Windchill functional (PDM) will be helpful. It was a great experience & Interactive training, Thank you PLM Coach

Our Instructor

Learn from the Industry & Technology Expert
Name Anup Karumanchi
Experience 20+ years
Specialized in PLM / MES / CAD
More Details

Passion towards teaching made Anup Karumanchi launch PLM Coach and share his industrial experience, technology & business acumen that he had gained for over 2 decades. Delivering over 250+ workshops and trainings globally to over 2000+ industry professionals he is an expert in imparting knowledge

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We take pride in being part of countless career transitions worldwide

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Windchill PLM Customization Training Objectives

What are the Objectives of Windchill PLM Customization Live Online Training?

Our Windchill training provides you with the in-demand skills you need to create products of the highest quality. In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Introduce common Windchill design patterns and common object model implementations
  • Provide an understanding of how to safely incorporate customizations into existing Windchill implementations
  • Understand how to implement Windchill Services and Event Listeners
  • Understand how to implement custom Object Initialisation Rules
  • Understand the components of the Windchill Client Architecture
  • Understand how to update existing and define new actions in the Windchill UI
  • Understand the concepts of component builders and how Windchill uses the MVC paradigm
  • Understand the implementation of the UI Validation Logic
industry statistics

Industry Statistics

Jobs / Month
Avg. Salary
₹ 7,50,000
Job Roles
  • Windchill Analyst
  • WIndchill Admin
  • Windchill Developer

+ Years Experienced


+ Served Global


+ Students Careers


+ Exclusive PLM / CAD / MES

Windchill PLM Customization Training FAQs

What if I miss the class?

You can access the recording of the missed class through our LMS. We record each training session and upload it after the session to our LMS which can be accessible to the students.

Can I access recorded sessions and training materials after the course completion?

Yes, we provide access to session recordings and materials via a secured LMS platform

Can professionals from Non-IT background learn PLM / CAD Customization courses?

Yes, programming language is a catalyst to learn customization. Not to worry, PLM Coach teaches you the basic necessary aspect of programming required

What is PLM Coach's Unique Value Commitment?
  • Our Expert Coach had walked the same footsteps as our customers, and successfully built a PLM career as a non-programmer
  • Our content is the perfect blend of Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners + PLM Technology + Industry Application
  • Our Expert Coach has diverse knowledge in renowned PLM technologies in the market
  • Unlike other platforms there are no middle men, we deal with our customers directly
  • Carefully crafted absolute beginner friendly content
  • Expert-led Coaching Sessions at your Convenience
  • Guided practical sessions by hand holding during execution
  • Visual Learning Experience using Design Thinking approach
  • PLM Career Guidance from an Expert

Yes, we got custom training programs to complete the course as you need.

You need good internet connectivity with a mobile/tab/laptop/system installed with Zoom / Google Meet.

PLM Coach Reviews can be found in the below locations

You can find various contact options in the below page

PLM Coach Contact

Or you can submit your inquiry in the below form

PLM Coach Inquiry

Yes and No, We provide only online / live instructor-led sessions for individuals. We provide classroom sessions for corporate companies

We have a Virtual Office located in HSR Layout Bangalore. We leverage co-working spaces for meetups

Absolutely, 50% of our sessions are focused on hands-on learning. Our training duration is accounted for practical sessions as well. We provide remote access to the participants for hands-on learning. During the session, trainer shares his screen and provides remote control so that participant will get hands-on experience under trainer’s guidance

Learning a new skill involves various factors like participants ability to consume and digest, physical and environmental factors.

An average duration of the training is mentioned in the best possible conditions, duration also depends on the participants capacity to grasp the concepts.

In short the specified duration is indicative and it can vary between individuals

Yes, we offer group discounts

Yes, you can pay the course fee within two installments. However, you need to make the second payment before the seventh session.



Payment can be made through any UPI Payment enabled apps like Google Pay or PhonePe. Alternatively there is an option to do Bank Transfer via IMPS / NEFT. Credit & Debit Cards are Accepted

Yes, you can pay with Credit / Debit Cards / Net Banking / UPI

Yes, we provide complete course information to our potential prospects in various formats through their decision making journey.

We share course outline, demo video, training counselling and expert advise if required

Yes, we help you with placement assistance through mock interviews, resume building, and by forwarding your profile to our corporate clients seeking trained resources.

Yes, we cater to the requirements of working professionals who are enthusiastic in taking their careers to next level.

We work a schedule that best fits for our customer needs

We follow industry standards in curating focus groups. We have 3 to 5 participants in a batch depending upon the skill demand

Some of our trainings have 1 to 1 coaching sessions that gives close attention to our customers

As we cater to the diverse requirements of our customers, we offer weekday (Monday to Friday) and weekend (Saturday) sessions

We fulfil weekly learning of 5 hours for weekday batch and 3 hours for  a weekend batch depending on the selected course

We have a good mix of theory and practice to make the participant learn the new skill

We have alternative sessions for theory and practical covering the complete course 50% in theory and 50% executing hand-on exercises

Absolutely, we take pride in creating high quality content on PLM & CAD courses.

Most of our content related to technical how-to’s, user guides, tips etc. are available on our blog ( for free.

We do share PDF documents, flow charts, etc. that were used to conduct the session to our customers via Microsoft OneDrive

No, we don’t. But, we ensure that you get right amount of practice on the topic during the course.

Post course completion we offer complementary review sessions on need basis

Absolutely, we share the certificate after course completion.

You will get a verifiable course completion certificate once you attend all the sessions and successfully submit the assessments.

Our coach is experienced professional with 2 decades of experience on diverse PLM & CAD platforms.

He is experienced in executing multiple career pivots from Mechanical to CAD & PLM Customization.

Yes, we got custom training programs to complete the course as you need.

Yes, our experts help you draft the perfect resume that matches your desired job roles.

Yes, we have associated partners who allow payments through three/six easy installments.

Can I customize the course curriculum?

Yes, you can customize the course curriculum as per your requirements.

Can I have the classes as per my convenient timings?

Yes, we can schedule training sessions as per your availability.

Can I re-join the subsequent batch if I cannot continue in the current schedule?

Yes, we provide feasibility to attend the next batch for the missing sessions; however, we cannot guarantee that the same schedule availability.

Can I attend a session to confirm my enrolment for live training?

Yes, you can attend one live session before joining.

Yes, you can resolve your queries either in the current session or in the subsequent sessions.

Do you provide corporate training?

Absolutely, we love to work with corporate customers.

We facilitated various corporate trainings for leading MNCs on diverse PLM & CAD technologies

Will you adopt the latest release of a specific software release?

We keep our course curriculum aligned with the current stable Technology / Software version releases.

We want to hire resources you have trained. Is it possible?

Yes, we can offer resources depending upon the availability.

Is it possible to customize the live training (scheduling and curriculum)?

Yes, we can customize the course curriculum and schedule the sessions as per your project requirements.

Yes, we do conduct assessments.

Yes, we can arrange consulting sessions with the trainer at an extra cost.

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