3DEXPERIENCE Platform Openness

Openness is a cornerstone of any PLM system. 3DEXPERIENCE Platform complies with Codex of PLM Openness, ProStep iVip initiative for establishing a common understanding on openness of IT systems in the context of PLM between IT customers, IT vendors and IT service providers.

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Introduction to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Openness

Openness is a cornerstone of any PLM system. 3DEXPERIENCE Platform complies with Codex of PLM Openness, ProStep iVip initiative for establishing a common understanding on openness of IT systems in the context of PLM between IT customers, IT vendors and IT service providers.

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3DEXPERIENCE Platform Openness Fundamentals

  • Open for Integration
  • Open for Multi-CAD
  • Open to Standards
  • Configurable and Customizable
  • Open for Data Model Extension
  • Web Services Infrastructure
  • Open for Partners
  • Open for system

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Configuration & Customization

User Interface Access Control Business Process Data Schema
CommandsConfigurable PagesMenusInquiriesTablesWeb FormsMultiple Languages PeopleRolesRules PoliciesProgramsTriggersRoutes AttributesTypesRelationshipsNumber Generators

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Configuration: User Interface

3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers a wide range of User Interface Configuration Options without having to write any code. These user interface configuration changes are preserved during upgrade. Below is the list of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform User Interface Configuration options:

  • Configurable UI Components: Configurable UI Components (Forms, Tables, etc) support configuration of the UI content and layout.
  • Extendable Commands & Toolbars: Commands and Menus may be added / removed / modified from the UI Facet dialog, and / or Toolbars.
  • User Preferences: User Preferences allow control of specific behaviors of Application functions

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Configuration: Access Control

3DEXPERIENCE 3DSpace services for Out of the box (OOTB) setup and configuration landscape:

  • Attributes: Add deployment attributes to OOTB apps schema
  • Access Rules: Parameters to tune access to content
  • Engineering: BOM App specific parameters
  • Deployment: Deploy to current  DB or export to other DB
  • Identification: Configure the naming of content
  • Maturity Graph: Configure predefined states, transitions and transition control rules
  • Iteration: Configure Physical Product 3D design iteration

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Configuration: Business Process

  • Configurable Application Behaviors: Each application provides a set of  configuration options. These options are modified via property file setting, and support enabling / disabling application features & behaviors
  • Application Based Public API’s: Each application provides access to set of public API’s (JAVA, C++, SOAP, REST) that allow programmatic access to application data and process

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Configuration: Data Model Configuration

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Native Apps Openness

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Openness: C++ API Coverage

Openness means Modeling and Experience services available for customers or third parties on 3DEXPERIENCE Unified Data Model. These services can be categorized as follows:

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Data Model : RFLP (Requirements, Functional, Logical & Physical) + PPR (Product, Process & Resources) + MSR  (Model Scenario Results) and the core services available to create and manage 3DEXPERIENCE Platform objects
  • Specialized Modeling and Experience services from CATIA DELMIA and SIMULIA

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Web Applications Openness

Classic Webtop versus Widget Based 3DDashboard

  • In ENOVIA the Server sends Pages to the Client Web Browser
  • In the 3DDashboard, First Widgets are loaded and then Widgets call different Web Services to get some Data. Widgets are more Web 2.0 oriented

3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Widgets

  • A Widget is a Specialized Application based on Web Standard Technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Available through 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
    • Works with External content like Youtube, Weather forecast, RSS Feeds, Stocks, etc.
    • Integrated with Internal content like 3DSwym, 3DSpace / ENOVIA-CATIA-DELMIA-SIMULIA
  • Widgets can be moved, resized, configured within the Dashboard

3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Web Application

  • Embedded Applications (Internal/External)
  • Complex Business Processes
  • Java Program Object (JPO)
    • Java Program Objects (JPOs) have been designed to allow extensions to business logic
    • This is the lowest level of customization, providing the best performances
  • Web Application Public APIs
    • Core Services APIs
    • Each Application provides access to a set of public APIs that allows access to application data and process
    • Web Services are built on top of :
      • Java APIs
      • Java Programming Objects (JPOs ruling the Application Business Logic)

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