3DEXPERIENCE Platform Unified Typing


What is Unified Typing on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?

Unified typing on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a typing mode designed to customize data models by supporting specialization and customization for deployment purposes. It enables you to apply the same customization principles both to native (CATIA / DELMIA) and web (ENOVIA) apps on 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Unified Typing Capabilities

The unified typing system on 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides following capabilities:

  • Define Specialization Types
  • Define Specialization Extensions
  • Define Customer Extensions
  • Define Deployment Extension

The Data Model Customization app on 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to create, deploy and manage packages, types, extensions, unique keys and attributes to specialize applications (CATIA / ENOVIA / DELMIA) data model using a web console on 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Unified Typing Principle

3DEXPERIENCE Unified Typing Principle
3DEXPERIENCE Unified Typing Principle
Differences between 3DEXPERIENCE Unified Typing and CATIA / ENOVIA Former Typing
CATIA / ENOVIA Former Typing
3DEXPERIENCE Unified Typing
User cannot alter DS types, extensions, or disciplines in DMC for CATIA / DELMIA data models. On ENOVIA users can alter DS types but it is not supported by Dassault Systemes A new capability offered to Domain Experts for defining and deploying the usage of the key terms of their domain, as data specializations or extensions common to all 3DEXPERIENCE apps
Different data models ER (ENOVIA) & IRPC (CATIA / DELMIA) A unified & common framework for all PLM applications (CATIA / ENOVIA / DELMIA) on 3DEXPERIENCE platform
Need to be logged on ENOVIA server machine, need to stop ENOVIA server for changes to the data models A new generation of data customization tools: simple & easy to use, instantaneous testing & deployment thru 3DEXPERIENCE web console
High cost for operating customization & deploying CATIA / ENOVIA Former Typing customizations New capacities for DS data models offered to end-users: depth in hierarchy, disciplines as types, thus saves cost and time
Data model customization activity is entirely performed by developer both on CATIA & ENOVIA Separation of responsibilities for specializing using domain expert and administering using PLM administrator roles on 3DEXPERIENCE platform


ER – Entity Relationship model used by ENOVIA prior 3DEXPERIENCE platform
IRPC – Instance Reference Port Connection model used by CATIA / DELMIA prior 3DEXPERIENCE platform
DMC – Data Model Customizer application used for CATIA / DELMIA data models prior 3DEXPERIENCE platform

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