ENOVIA V6 PLM Fundamentals Training course will teach you the basics of ENOVIA V6. You will learn how to log on and use the various menus and commands, interact with dialog boxes to create new objects, and search for existing objects in the ENOVIA database. You will also learn how to personalize the ENOVIA settings to suit your needs and change your password.

ENOVIA V6 PLM Fundamentals Training Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of ENOVIA PLM
  • Understand Dassault Systemes suite of products in the context of ENOVIA PLM
  • Introduction CAD & CATIA
  • Log on to ENOVIA PLM
  • Use the standard menus and commands of ENOVIA PLM
  • Browse to a specific ENOVIA PLM page and use its commands
  • Interact with an ENOVIA dialog box to create an object on PLM system
  • Search for objects stored in the ENOVIA PLM database
  • Read and send messages using the inbuilt IconMail on ENOVIA PLM

Course Code: PCH-ENO-001

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