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3DEXPERIENCE is a business and innovation platform that provides organizations with a holistic, real-time vision of their business activity and ecosystem. It connects people, ideas, data and solutions in a single collaborative environment empowering businesses – from startups to large enterprises, to innovate, produce and trade in entirely new ways.

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With the world getting enamored by technologies, we get to see technology and machinery which accelerated the pace of evaluation. One such technology is CATIA, which stands for Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. Due to its budding demand, 3DEXPERIENCE Training is now a great option to be picked. Presenting itself as an advanced version of CAD, CATIA is the leading solution for product design and experience. CATIA stands for Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application and is the most widely used design tool from Dassault Systems. It is a complete suite that contains CAM, CAD, and CAE and delivers CAM, CAE, 3d design and Product Lifecycle Management

CATIA is a 3D design tool that comprises 3D parametric features with 2D tools and addresses every design to manufacturing process. By providing auxiliary isometric, detailed 2D drawing, generation section, or orthographic, this software ideally serves for creative designers, system architects, mechanical engineers, and manufacturing industries.


CATIA 3DExperience integrates the Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management with ENOVIA through combining Dassault systems brands like SIMULIA, DELMIA, and so on. The use of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA is to associate with other areas of the organization, which gives an intuitive environment for all the design and engineering activities.

These activities are set in a group to reflect real-time workflow, allow a rapid user learning curve, by regulating product development process, and effortlessly finding the right function and productivity gains. The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA portfolio involves around 50 roles that support user experience in Design, Electrical, Fluids, Mechanical Engineering, and System Engineering.

Features Of CATIA

CATIA houses a complete toolkit of engineering in a single working environment. The product for composites and Electrical design concepts with a traditional surfacing, solid workbench, within a user interface. Look at the following pointers to the best features of CATIA:

  • CATIA speeds up the pace of engineering by 30-50%
  • CATIA endows the best solutions for the whole shape designing, styling, and surfacing workflow from industrial design to Class A.
  • CATIA permits the simulation of objects using a 3D digital mock-up.
  • CATIA provides a complete specification of simulation, verification, modeling, and business process management.
  • CATIA contains a new feature ‘design anytime and designs anywhere’ that allows capturing and sending the design modification to team members offline.
  • It gives a productive 3D design environment that allows designers and stakeholders to operate together on product modeling and also permits them to share the designs.

Versions of CATIA

It is truly said that the development of software relies on the requirement of the industry. It is an unquestionable fact that all CAD developers try to present something better and unique. CATIA is continually developing its versions since 1980 to quench the need for designing. In the current scenario, CATIA is counted as one of the prime solutions for product development and innovation in every industry discipline. This is the reason people in huge amounts are coming forward to get 3DEXPERIENCE training and CATIA training.

  • CATIA V3 and V4
  • CATIA V5
  • CATIA V6
  • CATIA 3DExperience

What does CATIA do?

By offering a way to visualize in 3D, CATIA is widely used for its disciplined system, rendering technology and sketching, active collaboration, multi-platform development, compliance, and engineering insights. CATIA is renowned for its valuable role in many industries such as defense, aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment.

CATIA incorporates a Multi-disciplinary approach and a cross-discipline development platform. Based on Advance Surface Modelling and has unbreakable Relational design, it also aids in the designing of electrical, electronic, and model-based systems. On top of that, the graphical user interface is user-friendly as compared to other 3D programs. To add, each design and model in an easy to use workspace.

How the course is designed for 3DEXPERIENCE Training and 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to 3DExperience Platform
  • Part Design
  • Creating & constraining sketches
  • Creating basic parameters in 3D
  • Creating Solids using features
  • Dress-up Features
  • Transformations
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Constraining Assemblies
  • Drafting

What is the objective of course?

It is specially designed for beginners who want to grasp CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE. The knowledge which candidates are aiming for is an ideally designed prerequisite for many more specialized training courses. CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Training should not be seen as just the basic course as when it combines with CATIA skills, the students can pick up very important advice on engineering methodologies. This course is a classic blend of presentation and tutorial, allowing students to gain hands-on experience.

Last Note

It would be great if you choose an ideal combination for 3DEXPERIENCE Training and 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA. If you are confused while picking up the right option, do not forget to lay your eyes on online reviews. It would be best, if you opt for PLM Coach for this training. Go visit them at as they are reputed in the industry.

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